Someone At Cannes Paid $300k To Rent Leo DiCaprio’s House For A Week

Leonardo DiCaprio knows how obsessed people are with him, so he decided to offer up something that previously only the blonde supermodels of the world had access to.

The chance to have a week-long sleepover at his house.

And by house, we mean bed, because come on, isn’t that what every little 90s and early 2000s girl grew up dreaming about?

According to DeadlineLeo offered up his luxurious Palm Springs vacation home at the Cannes amfAR Gala, and it went for $300,000.  

The lucky, and as-of-yet-unnamed winner, will get to stay at Casa DiCaprio from 3 PM on Jan 16 to 10 AM on January 23 of next year.

And so long as the winner’s guests follow the “house rules,” don’t steal his weed or try on his clothes, he or she can bring a maximum of 12 people along to spend the week. 

What we wouldn’t give to have an extra $300k lying around the house.

Oh well, there’s always next year, right?

[H/T Deadline]

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