The 10 Costumes Every Basic Girl Will Be Wearing This Halloween

Every year has the “it” costume. Last year was the day of the dead girl (which was nice and non-PC), and this year will probably be Harley Quinn. There are also always the basic costumes that are popular every year, such as cats, nurses, school girls, etc.

But now, thanks to the internet, there’s also Pinterest-basic. You know, the girl who thinks she’s “crafty” because she owns a glue gun and has a semi-popular Tumblr account.

You do not want to be caught wearing the same costume as one of these girls, trust us.

Thankfully, Pinterest published a list of the 10 most pinned Halloween costumes for the year. So even if you’re not sure what to be this year, now you know what not to be.

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Just like the white bread that your PB&J is probs made on, you and your BFF are gonna look basic AF if you wear this.

2. Mike & Eleven from Stranger Things

Ugh. We know Stranger Things is awesome, but these costumes are kinda zzzz. It’s the one night of the year you and bae can wear something crazy! Don’t let him get away with khakis.

3. The Punny Cactus

Punny costumes were cute for a sec, but now they’re kind of gag-worthy. Also, have fun dancing with guys at the party when you have clothespins all over your ass.

4. A Snapchat Filter

Everyone did this last year. While we always applaud costumes that cost like, zero dollars, try something new.

5. The Whip & Nae Nae

Again, this was maybe cool last year. Also, good luck getting laid in this.

6. Netflix & Chill

Are we even sure this list is from 2016? Because all of this shit was cool last year, we swear. Plus, do you want guys to think that inviting a girl over to Netflix and chill is alright? Cuz it’s not.

7. The Sexy Taco

Taco is the new pizza, which means it’s only a matter of time before your favorite food starts being exploited by every skinny girl on Instagram. *Sigh*

8. Taco Belle/Bae

Again with the tacos…also placed on to the dress in a super unflattering way. Meh.

9. Something Pokemon Go Related

Makes sense to do this while you can, since Pokemon Go was popular for like 2.5 seconds before it dropped off the face of the earth. But you could also like, not.

10. Cookie Monster

Okay I’m personally very offended by this one because I was cookie monster last year. But I was also way sluttier and didn’t look like I was wearing a 2nd grader’s tutu. I guess I just started the trend, obvi.

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