Taylor Swift just dropped a lot of info about her new album

If you were wondering WTF Taylor was preparing us for after deleting all her Instagrams and posting a trio of snake videos, wonder no more.

She’s releasing a new album called “Reputation.”

Gee, wonder what that could be about.

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According to Taylor herself, or at least the people in charge of her Instagram account, the first single from “Reputation” will be out “tomorrow night” a.k.a. Thursday night, August 24th, at some as-of-yet undisclosed time.

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And more music will follow soon-ish, because on November 10,  Taylor wants you to know she’ll be dropping a new album called “Reputation.”

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And it looks serious.

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Topics she’ll most likely discuss will probably include: Tom Hiddleston, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, the Internet thinking she’s a fake Trump-supporting opportunist who uses friendship as a weapon, and oh yeah, that groping trial she (rightly) just won.

Blame will most likely be pointed at everybody, including the media. Just look at the album artwork again. Those look like the kind of printed headlines you might read in a newspaper, if we were living in some dystopian future where every headline is “Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift.”

It’ll most likely be both an annoying and danceable time for everybody.

You have just over two months to prepare yourself.

Use your time wisely. Because you know Taylor sure as hell will.

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