Selena Gomez is dressing like a chic soccer mom now

Just like your mom, Selena Gomez works very hard so all of us can enjoy living our lives.

So it’s really no surprise that on occasion, Selena and your mom step out in public wearing very similar outfits.

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On Tuesday, Selena wore something that wouldn’t have looked terribly out of place on Big Little Lies.

She had her hair pulled back in a clean, but messy low bun. She adorned her ear with tastefully eye-catching small gold hoops. She wore jeans, slides, and a simple, fly-covering grey crewneck sweater top that both emphasized the line of her t-shirt bra and looked soft enough to cry into after a long day of school.

And she accessorized it all with a notebook in her hand.

You know, that notebook you left at home but really needed for a school project, which is why your mom had to drive to school in her “I’m going to drink wine with my friends and gossip about all the bitches we hate and how you’re low key ruining my life” ensemble.

NEW. Selena was seen earlier today in LA. #SelenaGomez

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And this isn’t the first time Selena’s experimented with chic mom vibes recently.

Here’s Selena wearing an outfit that says, “Yes, I finally got your father to agree to put on pants so we could eat somewhere that wasn’t attached to the mall.”

NEW! Selena looking so beautiful while leaving ArcLight Hollywood in Los Angeles, Cali last night! 😍😇 #selenagomez

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And this one practically screams, “Yes, I made my family breakfast this morning instead of ironing my good pants, but see this YSL bag? Where’d you get your bag? Target? ”

💜💜💜💜 The other night at Disneyland #SelenaGomez #TheWeeknd

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Then again, after playing a moody mama in the “Bad Liar” video and a glass-sucking housewife for the”Fetish” video, is Selena’s newest sartorial direction really that surprising?

Fingers crossed she starts driving an SUV and calling you at inopportune times to talk about something she heard about on TV soon.

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