Selena Gomez gets involved in a bizarre teacher love triangle in “Bad Liar” film

Selena Gomez already came out with a “Bad Liar” music video when the song premiered last month, but for some reason she decided to put out a second one today. Only instead of calling it a “music video” she called it a “film.”

And instead of rolling around on a bed in a nightgown and a rehab bracelet, in “Bad Liar” the film Selena gets involved in a bizarre teacher love triangle. And to show off her acting chops, she plays all the parties involved.

Even a crotch-readjusting middle-aged man in glasses.

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Perhaps due to Selena’s own love of flared pants, the “Bad Liar” film takes place in a 1970s high school.

Selena plays a teen with no friends:


A gym coach with blonde Farrah Fawcett hair:


A middle-aged bespectacled teacher:


And the mom of the outsider teen who also happens to be married to the middle-aged bespectacled teacher:


And unbeknownst to her father, he and Selena the teen both have a crush on Selena the gym coach.

While Selena the teen keeps a Polaroid of Selena the gym coach in her bedroom – which TBH I have a lot of questions about – Selena the man sneaks into the boy’s locker room to readjust his crotch while looking at her.

And by her, I mean Selena the gym coach. Because it would be a whole different kind of music video if he was looking at his daughter that way.

Still, the whole film is kind of creepy, but you have to admit, it definitely tells a story.

And just when you think the film is over, the screen fills with the words “coming soon” and “fetish.”

Consider my interest piqued, Selena.

Watch it below:

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