Selena Gomez’s “Fetish” music video is kinda sexual, kinda disturbing

After weeks of cryptic promo, Selena Gomez’s tantalizingly titled “Fetish” music video has been unleashed on the world.

And I’m happy to say that our initial prediction that Selena’s fetish had to do with sitting on the ground next to food wasn’t entirely incorrect.

Selena does in fact spend some time on the ground in her new music video, often surrounded by food.

But mostly she just does disturbing things in a vaguely sexual way.

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Here’s Selena’s hand creeping towards broken glass to grab a strawberry.


Oh wait, JK, she wasn’t reaching for a strawberry. She just wanted to stick a shard of glass in her mouth to suck on. Our mistake!


Here she is being tongue tied — literally!


Here she is seductively sucking on her fingers.


Oh wait, our bad, she was sucking on something. Look at that saliva!


Oh great, it’s the glass from before. Guess this means Selena’s not a swallower.


Here Selena is ripping her stockings off.


Now she’s sticking her tongue in an eyelash curler.


Now she’s sitting in the rain, in her house, at the dinner table, looking like she wants to murder you.


And now she’s writhing on the broken glass-covered floor.


Oh, look she moved to writhing against the counter! That’s slightly safer.


And then she somehow got transported to a food locker, where she proceeded to writhe against a wall.


But all that writhing must have made Selena hungry, so she had a little lipstick for lunch.


And for desert, she had a bar of soap.


Obviously, there’s a method to Selena’s madness here.

Maybe she’s trying to subvert the way the media fetishizes her, maybe she’s trying to remind us all that she’s not a little girl anymore, or maybe she’s just being weird and arty because she’s secretly weird and arty.

Undoubtably if Selena wants to explain her choices to us, she will.

Until then, all we can do is sit back, relax and watch Selena do a variety of things we never thought she’d do.

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