Taylor Swift didn’t put up with any sh*t at her butt grabbing trial

Say what you want about Taylor Swift, I know we have, but for all her problematic and annoying qualities, she’s actually been goals at her butt grabbing trial.

On Thursday, Taylor testified against David Mueller, a Denver DJ who allegedly grabbed Taylor’s ass under her skirt during a meet-and-greet back in 2013.

He says it didn’t happen, surprise surprise, and he’s suing Taylor for $3 million because he says he got fired after the allegations came out.

So Taylor decided to countersue him. For $1. Yeah, that’s right. $1.

Because at the beginning, end and middle of the day, Taylor’s rich af. She doesn’t care about the money, she just cares about making it clear that men shouldn’t get away with suing women over sus things they allegedly did.

That’s a pretty baller move.

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“It was a definite grab, [a] very long grab,” Taylor told the court on Thursday during her almost hour-long testimony, reports the Washington Post. “It was long enough for me to be completely sure it was intentional.”

“I’m not going to allow your client to make me feel like it is anyway my fault because it isn’t,” Taylor Swift continued, reports Buzzfeed.

When suggested she might be critical of her bodyguard for not stopping Mueller, Taylor replied, “I’m critical of your client sticking his hand under my skirt and grabbing my ass.”

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Then after it was suggested maybe Taylor was wrong about where Mueller touched her, Taylor replied, “He did not touch my rib, he did not touch my hand, he grabbed my bare ass.”

Finally, after being shown a picture of herself and the DJ from the event where the alleged incident took place, Taylor was asked why her skirt doesn’t look like it was being lifted from the front. Taylor simply replied, “because my ass is in the back of my body.”

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Taylor’s never been one to back away from a fight she thought she could win, and it’s pretty awesome to see her stand up for herself like this.

Because whether your boss is pressuring you to sleep with him or some random dudes tries to punish you after he got in trouble for groping you, this shit’s not okay.

Plenty of other celebrities probably would have just let this slide under the rug, but Taylor didn’t. It’s a bold move and it was the right move.

Way to go, T Swift. This is a win no matter how you slice it.

[H/T Buzzfeed]

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