Apparently Everybody Wants to Sit Next to Taylor Swift at the VMAs

Taylor Swift might not have gotten any VMA nominations this year, but she’s still popular af among celebs if one MTV exec is to believed.

Gina Esposito, vice president for MTV music and talent, revealed to Cosmopolitan that every year celebrities send in requests for who they’d like to spend the night with and it’s always incredibly difficult to figure out who to sit next to Taylor “because so many people [are] requesting to sit by her and sit with her.”

Now, there’s a chance Gina’s only revealing this in hopes that Taylor will read it and forgive MTV for nominating her for literally zero awards this year.

But according to her, Tay is so popular that even if artists don’t get sat down next to Taylor, sometimes they just say fuck it and sit with her anyway.

“You’ll have artists who rearrange seats in real time so they sit together,” Esposito reveals. “As long as you’ve got eyes on that, to say, ‘Selena Gomez moved so she’s by Taylor, we’re good,’ then it’s all right. If we don’t seat them together, they find their way to each other anyway.”

Of course, there’s a good chance that this year Taylor Swift won’t even be going to the VMAs seeing as MTV decided they were over T Swift and didn’t throw any nominations her way, but you never know.

Stranger things have happened at the VMAs and especially if she thinks it’ll give her image a boost, we’ll sure Taylor will be there front row center, surrounded by all her squad members who haven’t turned their backs on her yet.

[H/T Cosmo]

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