Spring-ify Your Makeup With Dior Pastel Eyeliner


“Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late.” This statement definitely holds some truth. Although I’ve mostly mastered the art of doing my winged eyeliner every morning, there are those times when I f*** one up and my whole morning is ruined. Dior has created something that not only will (maybe) make it easier for you to master the perfect winged look, but to make it unique and spring-y. Inspired by the looks from their Spring/Summer 2015 show, Dior is now offering a line of pastel-colored, re-wearable, eyeliner strips that adhere to your eyelids.


While I absolutely adore the look that these strips give, I do wonder if someone as non-make-up savvy as me would actually take longer to position the strips correctly because I’m so used to applying liquid eyeliner myself. Not to mention that the kit is $60.00. That being said, if anyone wants to purchase the set for me so I can try them for myself, I am certainly not opposed. Pastel eyeliner would be adorable with so many spring looks, or to bring some brightness to your neutral colored ensemble. In the meantime, I will be searching the aisles of my local CVS for something similar.

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