Struggles Every Low Maintenance Girl Faces

Remember a simpler time; when you could shower, brush your hair (maybe), throw some clothes on and run out of the house to school? Or… if you’re like me, your beauty routine is still somewhat similar to this. Unfortunately, with the new phenomenon of contouring, lip-plumping, and hair extensions, us low-maintenance chicks are in the minority. If your idea of makeup is BB cream and eyeliner, you’ll identify with all the situations below:


1. You Struggle To Entertain Yourself While Friends Get Ready

Getting ready together is a girlfriend group’s favorite past time… however meeting up at 6 for an event that starts at 9 seems a bit strange to you. You quickly learn that it’s better to show up an hour late, take the 15 minutes to put on your eyeliner and lipgloss, and spend the rest of the time wondering if you could ever learn the ways of your makeup savvy friends.

2. A Trip to Sephora is Like a Trip to a Foreign Country

You’re a bit afraid to venture out alone, so you usually follow your friend around like a lost puppy until she finally decides which highlighter to get. Meanwhile you ponder that there’s a makeup item called a highlighter that’s not what you use to take notes in class.

3. Guys Hit on You By Complimenting Your “Natural Beauty.”

I mean… I think this is a compliment.. right? Or maybe the chick that contours like Kim K just wasn’t into him.

4. The Make-Up You Do Have is From a Drugstore

While your friends make fun of you for your bargain beauty products, you feel that there’s really no point in spending 60$ on a Naked Palette when you don’t even know how to use it.

5. You Skip All The Beauty Features In Your Favorite Magazines

You love reading the sex stories, and the editorials are great, but when it comes to “100 beauty products rated the best of 2015,” you could care less.

6. You Beg Your Friends to Do Your Makeup For Special Events

Sorority formal coming up? Looks like you’re heading over to your BFF’s house where she can make you look like someone who didn’t “wake up like this.”

7. And When They Do Everyone Compliments You 

Suddenly, you’re being approached by old flames saying how great you look… hmm, maybe there’s a reason all my friends spend hours in the mirror before we go out?

8. But You’re Still Too Lazy To Learn To Do Makeup Yourself

After all, if you started to learn how to contour, wouldn’t you want to do it all the time? Think about how many hours would be lost when you could be doing something useful… like watching Friends re-runs on Netflix!

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