Weird Lipstick Looks To Try During Festival Season


One of my favorite beauty trends, which has been around for a while now, is trying different bright and bold colors. For me, this started with playing with a lot of different purples – neons, pastels, and almost black shades of violet. But now, I’ve started to branch out to bigger and bolder things. One of the best things about make up is the way it allows us to completely transform ourselves. Most recently I’ve started playing with colors like teal, black, and blue. If it sounds sort of alien, don’t worry — that’s what I was going for — think of it as “alien aesthetic” along the lines of what you might see amongst the ghe20g0thik crowd.


If you’re wondering where the appropriate event is to wear a look like this is, (besides ghe20g0thik) I am here to help. Of course these types of bold colors require the right setting. I am definitely not suggesting you wear these looks to work, or an interview (although, if you can pull it off, go right ahead). Festival season, however, is the perfect time to experiment with bold, weird, and fun lip colors. Try Melt’s teal shade “Blow” paired with a see through lace dress, and black boots.


Our fave, Rihanna, rocking a deep, almost black, shade of red.

You can find this type of lipstick (it’s definitely not available in the drug store) through online indie make up retailers, like the aforementioned Melt, whose lipsticks have a super matte finish, but with a super creamy texture. For mattes that WILL NOT MOVE from your lips (important during festival season if you’re going to be outside and sweaty), try Zombie Cosmetics’ liquid lipsticks. They are truly amazing.

Lastly, if you’re confused about finding lip liner that matches these unconventional shades, know that you can use pretty much any colored eyeliner on your lips, and it will have the same effect as lip liner. For Melt’s blow, I use a green eyeliner from Stila.

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