3 Eyeliner Tricks To Try This Weekend If You’re Sick Of Cateyes

I know why there’s fuss about cat eyes – they look great on everyone, they’re simple as hell to accomplish and work for day or night. As long as you’re not drizzling liquid liner down your cornea or continuously having to redraw your lines to get them even, this is the perfect, easy eye makeup.  But at the same time, the cat eye trend has been going strong for what feels like years. While we change up our lipstick, eyeshadow, bronzer and nail polish methods on the daily, eyeliner has remained stagnant. I cringe inside every time I reach for my liquid liner bottle, knowing that while my makeup will look cute, it will be the same makeup that I’ve looked cute in for the past 6 months. If you’re completely bored of the winged eye trend like me, here are 3 ways to walk on the wild side with your eyeliner this weekend!

The PLL Way: Smudge Out Eye Pencil And Call It A Day


Literally impossible to mess up because after you draw the lines on, you’re gonna smudge the hell out of them anyway. Best to use a dark brown or soft black pencil.

Puppy Eyes: Like Cat Eyes, But…


You can still use your beloved liquid liner for this. Just extend your eyeliner in a straight line or even a little downward, rather than a flicked up cat eye. Best used for nights when you’re going for cute as a kitten, not sex kitten.

Eyeshadow EVERYWHERE Like Olivia Palermo


Take your fave dark eyeshadow, but apply it as you would liner. You can layer it over liner like our girl Olivia, but you can also use straight eyeshadow and nothing else. Not only is this a great way to get the perfect smokey eye, but it’s basically water resistant, sweat resistant, and smudge resistant. Perfect for a night when you’re gonna be dancing your feet off. Or, you know, crying.

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