Jamie Fraiche Spills The Ultimate Spring Style Guide

Insta-babe Jamie Fraiche is a fresh face in the modeling world with some fresh steez to match. We love her ironically chic style and her makeup know-how is out of this world (literally, peep her other worldly makeup looks on the Gram)! We sat down with Jamie and she delivered her ultimate makeup advice, the best street wear and beauty products for spring, tips to getting tatted, and even some career wisdom for babes who want to break into the modeling world! Read it all, below.


What wardrobe items are you currently living in?

I live in my O-Mighty Weekend crop tops and halters, they are the comfiest ever! I love putting together outfits that are really clean & monochrome. My favorite bottoms are my low-rise moto panel Guess skinny jeans with a cylinder wash. The stitching is so intricate that you feel like you’re wearing the coolest jeans possible (there’s even a back seam). I also love my Badwood sweats. I’m always running from shoot to shoot in my all white platform boots, my black sparkly Y.R.U. creepers, white Dr. Martens, or metallic Guess sneakers!

Tell us about your biggest fashion disaster.

When I lived in Austin, going downtown to 6th street was the funnest time. We would get dressed up and head out for a crazy night. One night I wore these amazing pink pumps, my favorite pair of heels at the time. I was dancing and running around so much that my heel completely snapped off! Now, you can imagine my dismay being downtown where the streets are covered in dirt, beer, and vomit (yes, it got that wild on the weekends)! I was not about to walk around barefoot stepping in all that so I got a guy to give me a piggy back all the way back to my friends car! Embarrassing, but kind of hilarious. That seems to be theme of my life.

What’s the first piece of beauty advice someone (like your mom) told you that always stuck with you?

To always take off my make-up at night and really take care of my skin! I didn’t develop acne until my senior year of high school, so I rarely listened before that, but once I started to have skin problems I realized how important it is to clean your skin at night not only for preventing blemishes but to ensure that your skin is healthy! All the germs and oil that get on your face throughout the day must be washed off. What seems to help me is using Clean & Clear’s Morning Burst cleanser. I use it in the morning and at night, for some reason using only the morning product but ditching the nighttime product really keeps my skin the clearest. For a moisturizer I use the Seacret Dead Sea products that are filled with vitamins and minerals from the dead sea!

Which of your tats is your favorite? Which hurt the most? What should people consider before getting inked up?

I actually just got a tattoo on my bicep changed tonight by Rafael Valdez, who is an amazing celebrity tattoo artist. He completely changed a sparrow from a rainbow mess  to a dramatic, dark, beautiful masterpiece. I went from hating my sparrow tattoo to loving it! But the tat that is my ultimate favorite would be sun face on my forearm. The artwork is just amazingand I’m obsessed with sun faces, they appeal to the Aries in me! Not to mention it’s such an intriguing piece of art that I’m able to still be fashionable with it, instead of hindered by it, which is very important.

The tattoo that hurt the most is the side piece on my ribs: rib cage is THE WORST! I went into the tattoo shop with a towel to cover my body while he tattooed my side, and ended up with the towel covering my face and bitting it through the pain LOL. It was intense, but I always feel like it’s worth it if it’s something you love that brings you joy or confidence.

The most important thing to consider before a tattoo is what career field you are going into. I love tattoos, but in the modeling world I feel like some of mine hinder me, which is irritating and might keep me from dream jobs. Just make sure you are in love with it and that 10 years from now you’ll still love it.

What are your tips for girls who want to get started in the modeling world?

Be strong, relentless, and a joy to work with. Your reputation follows you. If you have a bad attitude, can’t follow direction, get upset easily, show up late, etc, then you most likely won’t be booked again by that client. Being responsible is extremely important. People think that this career field is just playtime but there’s a lot of stress and work that goes into modeling: you have to be responsible in order to maintain balance. All of the parties and popularity shouldn’t override your will and passion to work. Choose your passion first, always. All the other stuff isn’t going anywhere. Best thing is to be CONFIDENT! Confidence exudes from you, others can see it and respect it. If you’re shy and insecure, you won’t be able to take the first hit of constructive criticism that comes your way, and it comes around a lot more than once.  Confidence makes you a better model because you KNOW that you are a great model, you DO have what it takes, you ARE talented & unique. When you feel that way you shine, and you come into your own!

What festivals are you looking foreword to most this spring/ summer?

Coachella, EDC Vegas, and Burning Man when it comes back around. I’ve never been but have always dreamt of going every time I see the promo videos. The make up, the outfits, the energy, the music, the creativity, the experience as a whole is something you don’t want to miss out on. I am ESPECIALLY excited for Burning Man because it’s not only a fun festival experience but because it also brings together a lot of creative and spiritual individuals like myself!

What’s the easiest festival makeup look to achieve then go all day without thinking about again?

Your essential foundation, contouring, and blush combo. For eyes, make sure to use a primer and add a soft grunge eye shadow covering your top and bottom lids to outline your eyes. My favorite eye shadow pallet is the Lime Crime Venus palette with the BEST soft grunge colors possible (I use it every single day). Add some good mascara and that would be my look. It lasts all day, it’s not too much or too little. The eyeshadow from the Venus palette makes your eyes POP and the primer keeps it lasting all day (a make-up life hack: dab some clear lip gloss over your eyeshadow to make it water-proof). I also just recently got gifted a lip enhancer from Fullips. It’s this really neat portable lip plumping tool that majorly plumps your lips up for about 2 hours, but since it’s little you can take it with you and enhance your lips whenever you want! It’s an amazing natural lip enhancement with no needle involved.



Photography By Johnny Cinematic & Various Artists

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