Selena Traveled 3,483 Miles Just to Not Hold Hands With The Weeknd

Selena Gomez is either the best girlfriend ever, incredibly bored, or intent on racking up her frequent flyer miles because girl can’t stop traveling around the world to hang out with her boyfriend.

In January, the two lovebirds went to Italy.

In February, they embarked on a very public European love tour.

And now, Selena has flown 3,483 miles to have the motherfuckin Starboy time of her life with her motherfuckin Starboy in South America.

Or at least, that was the plan.

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But with a heavy heart I must confess that so far Selena and The Weeknd have not seemed like they’ve been having that much fun together.

On Friday, they were mobbed leaving an airport in Bogota, Colombia, where Selena was spotted wearing a crop top which “bared only the slightest trace of midriff as she moved,” according to the Daily Mail.

She looked fab, but also unhappy to be alive.

March 25: Selena at the airport in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Selena has also been photographed giving a vague toothy grin while her boyfriend croons his heart out.

March 26: Selena at Lollapalooza watching The Weeknd performing.

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Crossing her arms while looking like she could care more or less about hearing her boyfriend sing the same songs all the time.

March 26: Selena at the weeknd concert in Brazil

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And they’ve both been spotted not holding each other’s hands while walking down the street.

Selena at São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport in Brazil

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Fingers crossed they’re having significantly more fun when the paparazzi isn’t watching because 3,483 miles is a long way to travel to have just a mediocre time together.

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