Selena and The Weeknd Are Copying Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston

In case you missed it, Selena Gomez is still dating boyfriend The Weeknd, and this weekend, they decided to take their love on a world tour.


Since Friday, Selena and her mother f*cking starboy have paraded their love around Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, and even Paris.

Looks like somebody’s taking a page out of her BFF’s playbook on how to make your rebound relationship more believable.

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It all started on Friday, when Selena flew out to meet her formerly pineapple-haired bae in Amsterdam.

And you know what they say about Amsterdam, right?

Great coffee shops.

February 23: Selena was seen in Amsterdam

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Next, the two flew over to Germany, where Selena rightfully ignored the Weeknd’s pitchy performance and took selfies instead.

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Selena at Drakes Concert in Oberhausen,Germany

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And then it was off to Switzerland where Selena was seen drinking a mystery liquid out of a red plastic Solo cup.

Februrary 26:Selena at the weeknd concert in Zurich,Switzerland

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Curiously, The Weeknd is absent from most of the photos Selena chose to share of their time together, but don’t worry, the paparazzi caught them exiting a restaurant in Paris.

Isn’t that just the look of love?

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February 27: Selena was seen leaving La Reserve in Paris

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And don’t worry because there’s more where all that came from!

Tonight The Weeknd has a concert in Paris, which means we can look forward to more photos of Selena doing something that isn’t visibly enjoying her boyfriend’s repetitive music.

Coincidentally, it’s also fashion week.

Abel has the next four days off until he has to be back in Germany to keep spreading the gift of star boy across the world, which means he’ll probably be staying in Paris for Fashion Week with his fashionable girlfriend, which could get awkward seeing as his fashionable ex will probably be walking in every show they’d want to see.

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Luckily for all parties involved, the Weeknd will be back on the road by March 7th, which is both the last day of Paris Fashion Week, and the day of the Louis Vuitton show.

Why should the Louis Vuitton show be of particular significance?

Because there’s a chance Selena, who was one of the faces of Louis Vuitton last year, will be forced to live every girlfriend’s worst nightmare and sit there in the front row while her bf’s ex walks down the runway looking hot.

After all, Bella is in the stage of being a supermodel where she’s walking in every show she possibly can, no matter who’s in the audience.

But then again, you never know.

Bella’s never walked for Louis Vuitton before and it doesn’t look like this year would be the time to start.

Ahh, don’t you just love the smell of gossip in the morning?

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