Selena Gomez Just Debuted the ‘I Dated a F*ckboy’ National Anthem

When Selena Gomez kicked off her Revival Tour in Las Vegas last spring, she celebrated by debuting a new song called “Feel Me” which is basically the national “I dated a fuckboy” anthem.

Obviously, it’s most likely about Justin Bieber, but the beauty of the song is that it could be about any fuckboy you’ve had the pleasure of knowing in your life.

Ladies, does this sound shit sound familiar to you? 

No one loves you like I love you
I never cheated, never lied
I never put no one above you
I gave you space and time
And now you’re telling me you miss me
And I’m still on your mind”

We’ve all been there, right?

At some point or another we’ve all fallen in love with a guy who says he feels the same way back, but he just can’t right now because he needs some space, then months later, he texts you out of the blue to say he misses you.

You pick a time and a place and before you know it, you’re back in bed together and everything feels like you never took time apart in the first place. But then in the morning, with a wistful and half-apologetic smile he tells you that nothing has changed and he still needs some space, but he hasn’t met anybody who makes him feel like you do so he won’t be a stranger. 

But instead of hitting her head against the wall desperately trying to figure out what it all means, Selena is too busy taking joy from the fact that her ex is missing her.

See, even though he’s out hooking up with other women, she knows he’s comparing them all to her, and they’re failing to match up. 

“Every time your lips touch another
I want you to feel me, I want you to feel me
Every time you dance with somebody
I want you to feel me, I want you to feel me”

Her fuckboy is lonely, and it’s the justice he deserves. She’s over his bullshit, but not over taking pleasure in his pain.  

“When she ain’t giving you enough to get you through the night
I won’t be caught up in the middle
Through your highs and your lows
Baby, long as you’re not with me, you’ll always be alone.”

Her message is clear: as long as you stay strong, fuckboys always get what they deserve in the end.

FYI, she also had a fan pass up their “Marry Justin Please” sign up to her onstage so she could crumble it up in front of everybody.

All hail Selena Gomez, queen of the fuckboy resistance.

[H/T Hollywood Life]

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