There’s a New Paparazzi Pic of Selena Kissing The Weeknd

Selena Gomez capped off a week of Weeknd loving by planting a big wet one on her boyfriend’s cheek.

And he looked almost as thrilled about it as Justin Bieber will when he sees it.

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A few short hours before awkwardly having to perform at the same fashion show as his ex, Selena and her beau were spotted sharing what Us Weekly describes as a “tender moment.”

And maybe it could have been if The Weeknd could have been a good boyfriend and kept his eyes open.

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In fact, this is a near identical replay of what happened when Selena and The Weeknd first declared their love for each other by getting their smooch on in front of a dumpster.

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It’s almost like he can’t feel his face or something.


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[H/T Us Weekly]

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