Justin Bieber’s Complaining About Being Single On Instagram

Think your Valentine’s Day was sad?

Bet you $10 it wasn’t as sad as Justin Bieber’s, because everybody’s favorite fuckboy spent V-Day whining about being single on Instagram.

It’s a commonly known fact that Justin Bieber hasn’t been taking Selena’s new relationship status well.

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He’s allegedly running his mouth off to his friends about how their relationship’s fake af, telling journalists his favorite song right now is “Starboy,” and then laughing and saying “that sh*t is wack.” And now he’s being a whiny babyman on Insta.

“I got no food, I got no job,” Justin Bieber intoned on Instagram, putting on an Adam Sandler-esque voice, before saying something that sounded like, “My pet sent her phone off, I got no Valentine.”

And as if that wasn’t extra enough, he followed that video with another video, featuring another dopey voice, where he said, “All I ever wanted was a Valentine and now I don’t have a Valentine.”

Is he trolling us?
Is he trolling Selena, possibly using something she said in a drunken voice mail one year after they broke up as a template?
Is he trolling his fans who ask him to marry them in his comments?

Sadly, I don’t have any answers for you, but I do know one thing.

Justin’s gonna be mad when he hears The Weeknd’s new song, featuring inciting lyrics like “I think your girl, think your girl, fell in love with me / She say my f*ck and my tongue game a remedy.”

And even madder when he finds out Selena picked up her new boyfriend’s $30k bar tab.

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Just remember ladies, sooner or later, the fuckboy always pays for his crimes against humanity.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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