How Sami Miro Landed a Forever 21 Collab That Sold Out In Hours

Sami Miro, queen of vintage, is always doing big things, especially lately. If you blinked last Friday, you might have missed her dope collab with Forever 21 – which was nearly sold out by the end of the day.


The collection featured a ton of band shirts, denim chokers, and lace-up graphic tees reminiscent of the pieces that Sami sources for her own collection. And when she told the crew at Forever 21 how much she loved all of the pieces, they explained that Sami’s own style was actually the sole inspiration behind their vintage finds.

But Sami isn’t just the model for the collection, and she’s not just a designer, she’s a businesswoman.

“I came to the meeting with a powerpoint presentation of ideas and ways for us to work together,” explained Sami.

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Sami says that her Bachelor’s in Business and Master’s in Entrepreneurship have taught her to always do her research, and it clearly helps out in the long run.

“When you go into a meeting, you think of it kind of like an interview and you have to know your shit,” says Sami. “I also research who I’m meeting with and see if there are any commonalities, like if we are in the same city, or something to use to connect with that person.”

Sami said it was super easy to work with Forever 21, and since the collection did so well, they’ll likely be doing more business together. So if you didn’t snag that vintage Motley Crue tee that you wanted, you might have a shot next time!

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Keep your eyes peeled to snag Sami’s next vintage goodies, most of which are one of one pieces. But in the mean time, remember that no matter what industry you work in, it’s all about being prepared.

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