Shut the Front Door, Rob and Chyna Have Reportedly Broken Up

Everything about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s relationship has been confusing thus far, so why not throw a hush hush breakup into the mix, right?

Word on the street, according to TMZ, is that Rob and Chyna are TOTALLY dunzo and haven’t even been SPEAKING for months, except for a brief dinner right before their TV show Rob & Chyna aired. You know, to keep up appearances.

Which could be true. Rob deleted his Instagram again within the past couple of months, which he’s been known to do whenever they get into one of their little tiffs.

Then again, why would this be true?

Didn’t Rob JUST get pissed at Kylie for not inviting Chyna to his baby shower? Why would he care about that if they were broken up?

Wait – now that we think about it, why are his sisters throwing him a baby shower? Shouldn’t they be throwing them a baby shower? It’s a testament to how weird Rob & Chyna’s whole relationship has been that this red flag detail didn’t even cross our minds until now.

Sources close to the Kardashians told TMZ that Rob’s sisters planned separate his and hers showers in light of the breakup, and even though Chyna allegedly agreed to this arrangement, Rob decided to get super pissed anyway.

But then again, who knows with these two.

They’re probably not even broken up.

Like we said earlier, Rob will do literally anything to get your attention.


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