Rob Got a Classy Neck Tattoo To Show Chyna The Depth of His Love

In an effort to show the woman that he’s been with for the past seven months that their love is real and not at all manufactured for TV or engineered to torment his family, Rob Kardashian decided to get a very classy neck tattoo in Blac Chyna’s honor.

What makes a neck tattoo very classy, you might ask?

The fact that it’s written in cursive.


Yesterday on Snapchat, people couldn’t help but notice that there were some letters on Rob’s neck that hadn’t been there the day before.

Rob in @blacchyna snapchat yesterday

A video posted by Rob Kardashian Snapchats (@robphuckedme) on

At first glance, I thought these letters unmistakably spelled out “Angela,” Blac Chyna’s actual name, but TMZ is pretty sure they actually spell out “Anjila,” which is the Arabic version of Angela.

Then again, it might not be her name at all, and it might just be the name of one of those (imaginary) bitches Rob’s been texting behind Chyna’s back.

Maybe this is his punishment and she’s making him live with his mistake for the rest of his life.

Either way, the important thing to remember is that Rob Kardashian has a neck tattoo now, and nothing will ever be the same again.


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