A Definitive Ranking Of Our Fave Gluten Free Breads

Don’t lie. You’ve definitely felt better about eating a cookie, or a piece of toast, or a donut because it was “gluten free,” even though you know that gluten free doesn’t always mean something is healthier than its gluten-full counterpart.

But hey, those celiacs sure were on to something. After all, you can’t deny that avoiding gluten makes you feel less bloated, and gives you an excuse to say “nah” to the office pizza on Friday.

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If you’ve hopped on the gluten-free train like every other basic who does SoulCycle, you’re not alone. If you occasionally are craving some bread, you’re not alone either. Here at Galore, we decided to do the people’s work and taste test all the gluten free bread brands so you know which one is worth your money (and the calories, not like you’re counting or anything). Check out our top picks, ranked in order of our love for them.

1. Barely Bread Grain-Free Sliced Loaf


100% Grain Free Sliced Loaf, $14.99

You may have not heard of Barely Bread before, because it’s pretty new. But because they’ve taken their time to perfect their gluten-free recipe, they’ve pushed the shitty ingredients that you find in some gluten free breads out, and added in a ton of shit that’s good for you, like apple cider vinegar and fiber.

As for the taste, we’re sold. We found it to be bouncier and spongier than most gluten free bread, and its slightly sweet and nutty taste reminded me of challah. Plus, unlike many other options, Barely Bread slices were a legit size, not so small you can barely fit an egg on top.

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2. Udi’s Millet-Chia Bread


Udi’s Bread, Ancient Millet Chia Grain, $6.29

Udi’s is kind of like the Starbucks of gluten-free breads. It’s the go-to option, most glutards know Udi’s like they know the bible, and as you’d guess, that means it’s pretty damn good. The slices are slightly smaller than your regular bread size, but that’s honestly probs for the best. We also love their Millet-Chia loaf because chia seeds are bae.

3. Glutino Gluten Free Bread


Multigrain Sandwich Bread, $37 for a case of 6

If you’re a sucker for white bread but trying to hop off the gluten train, here’s a good transition loaf. Glutino’s multigrain sandwich bread weirdly tastes like white bread — which is obvi a good thing if you like white bread. It’s also light and airy and slightly sweet.

4. Kinnikinnick Multigrain Bread


Kinnikinnick Multigrain Bread, $45 for a case of six

Kinnikinnick is no Udi’s, but it’s also better than getting a gluten-full tummy ache. The taste isn’t bad, and it’s not as sweet as some of the other options if you’re not into the sweetness. The only downside is it breaks apart super easily. Like, I put it in my backpack and when I got home half of the loaf fell apart. But hey, you win some you lose some.

5. Barely Bread Bagels


As a bonus, if you’re on gluten-free train but are missing that bagel lyfe, Barely Bread also makes bagels! Unfortunately, it’s not as close to the real thing as their bread is. The bagels are a bit eggy tasting, although this isn’t necessarily in a bad way. They are, however, kind of thick and hard to chew/swallow with a sugary-sweet aftertaste. Are they like the real thing? Not really. Will they do? Sure, why the hell not. Since they’re so thick, they are super filling.

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