Proud To Be Jedet: Talking Sugar, Surgery, & Social Media With The Spanish Artist

When you read the word, “artist” in Jedet’s Instagram bio, you might be wondering, “what kind of artist?” Her bombshell look that’s reminiscent of a glammed up Selena Gomez or Dua Lipa might have you thinking she’s a songstress, but her dramatic stare and red carpet photos might have you thinking she’s an actress. 

In both cases, you’d be right, because Jedet sings, acts, and even published a book last summer. Her latest project involves playing a young transgender icon in HBO Max’s Veneno—a biographical story of TV personality Cristina Ortiz.

Jedet embodies everything we admire at Galore. She’s a bombshell, she’s a badass, and she dabbles in all sorts of creative (and business bitch) ventures. We spoke to the Spanish babe about her latest project, her love/hate relationship with the internet, and if she thinks more celebrities should adopt her honest attitude towards plastic surgery.

Oh, and we also can’t stop staring at the photos she captured with Felipe Longoni in Madrid.

In “Veneno” you play a young Cristina Ortiz, one of the first trans women to break down taboos in the late 90’s. Do you feel that trans characters should always be played by trans actors?

Actors should be valued by their talent, we all should have the same opportunities. I want a future in which cisgender and transgender actresses can all play any role! But I definitely don’t want to see a man in a wig playing a trans woman.

What’s something you think other trans women—or all people—can learn from Cristina Ortiz?

She was fearless, she didn’t give a fuck about what anyone thought about her and lived her life as she wanted. We were born to be free.

You create via so many avenues—writing, music, acting—do you have a favorite? Or at least a favorite of the moment?

I can’t choose one…I’m always working on something. I want to be an incredible artist and also become a business woman.

You’ve said in a previous interview that you would set fire to your 2018 album. Is disliking your old work a pattern for you? Or do you just like to start over and over again?

I would set fire to so many things I’ve done, but I don’t regret any of them. They made me grow as an artist. But I’m always thinking about improving. When I put something out I’m already bored of it. I’m always working on what’s next for my career. I wish I had a better team though… I think my talent would arrive to more people.

You’ve mentioned that you “come from the internet.” Even those who don’t come from the internet have been spending a lot more time on the internet and social media in the past year. Do you ever feel fatigued from the internet?

I’ve stopped sharing everything as I used to do before. People on the Internet can be so mean. But, I wouldn’t be able to pay for my designer bags without social media.

How do you combat this fatigue and/or negative effects of social media consumption?

I’m really close with my friends and family. They keep me grounded. I also drink a lot of wine.

You have always been very open and public with the plastic surgery choices you’ve made to look like such a bombshell. Do you wish that other celebrities were more honest about how they get their look?

I don’t think you have to share every plastic surgery or filler you get done, it’s your choice! But, if they ask you about it, don’t lie! It’s better to not answer the question than to be a liar.

Have you seen the current controversy surrounding Khloe Kardashian trying to take down an unedited photo of herself that was leaked? Do you have any thoughts on that?

I think she’s such a beautiful soul. She looks stunning even in the unedited photo! She has the right to be insecure about herself and people shouldn’t be mean with her just because she’s a celebrity.

Let’s talk about this shoot. The images and styling is to-die-for and you look amazing, and the sugar-daddy-esque vibe is fun AF. How did you get into the mindset for the shoot?

The creative team I worked with to do the pictures came to me with the whole idea and I thought it was fabulous. I always love playing with my image, trying new things and feeling like I’m in a movie.

Do you have any IRL experience with sugar daddys or dating older, wealthy men?

No. I’ve never depended on anyone to pay for my things. I’m a very independent woman. I’m my own sugar mommy.

What’s the first thing you’re doing when this pandemic is finally “over” and shit gets back to normal?

Get rid of all my face masks. They fuck up my make up.

What’s next for Jedet?

Only God knows.

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Make Up & Hair FER MARTÍNEZ 
Photo Assist JOAN HURTADO  Special thanks to @thewestinpalacemadrid

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