Khloe Kardashian is upset about getting cellulite while pregnant

Last night, Khloe Kardashian tweeted about her bodily changes during pregnancy, and it seems that she wasn’t expecting them!

Even though her sisters have been through numerous pregnancies, I guess none of them told Khloe that her body would change and adjust due to carrying a child.

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Khloe also shames the idea of having cellulite in her tweet, as she says “cute,” in a sarcastic way. While cellulite has been a taboo for women since the dawn of time, it’s still a completely normal, human part of life. Cellulite is nothing to be ashamed of, and tbh, cellulite is hella cute if you ask me!

📸 @goodamerican BODYSUIT 📸 body, I miss you 😖

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It can be someone’s personal preference to not want cellulite, but that doesn’t make it okay to shame those who do have it (which is most people). No matter what size you are, it’s always possible to have cellulite, marks, and more. It’s completely natural, and should never be associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

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Cellulite isn’t all Khloe is worried about, though!

Khloe complains about possibly getting stretch marks during pregnancy like I’m not out here getting them from eating tacos. What did she expect?

And it’s not a bad thing to want to bounce back to your pre-pregnancy body! I’m sure going through all of those changes can be frustrating after being so focused on losing weight, but that is what pregnancy is about. It’s no secret that cellulite, stretch marks, and more are a part of the pregnancy package.

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It’s also not good to obsess over what you may have once looked like. Going through a change as big as pregnancy is absolutely normal, and it’s also absolutely normal for your body to not look the exact same as it did before.

Going through any changes can affect your body, so don’t stress about it like Khloe is! Just live your life and don’t let normative standards of beauty get you down. Own that cellulite, own those marks, and own the body you live in. Imperfections are completely normal, and normal bodies are gorgeous and should be celebrated. You’re fucking beautiful!

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