[PREMIERE]: XAXO’s Video For “I Feel Like OMG” Is Your Weekend Anthem

We’re always pretty skeptical of dudes who call girls “crazy,” but a dude who admits that he’s just as crazy is alright in our book.

The latest video from brother duo XAXO is for their track “I Feel Like OMG,” and it talks about a relationship that makes you crazy–and not in a good way.

We’re premiering the video exclusively on Galore, and we talked to brothers Dav and Johnny about crazy relationships and bad girls.

The track “I Feel Like OMG,” talks about a girl that’s no good for you, do you find that you tend to fall for these types of girls?

Dav: Well…I wrote the lyrics as if I was telling a friend this story. I was seeing this girl I really liked and I kept making effort but she just kept surprising me with what seemed like immaturity and self esteem shit that most of us deal with anyway. At the end I realized that we were both crazy and like they say, hurting people hurt people. I’ve noticed that I don’t only fall for the wrong type, but I also have terrible timing.

You also sing, “till I find out she’s crazy…” Do you think it’s unfair that girls constantly get labeled “crazy?”

Dav: There would be days we would wake up next to each other and she wouldn’t say a word for hours. No matter how hard I tried to make conversation. It started to freak me out after a while. Maybe I was being too needy,who knows. It’s a fucked up world we live in… it ain’t easy out there for a girl. It’s unfair that we are constantly labeled.

Johnny: In general we all use the word crazy to describe something we’re not used to or that we think is out of the norm. Truth is we are all crazies, we all act way out of the norm a lot of the time, which kinda makes crazy normal at some level. If we all act with a bit of madness sometimes, I don’t think it’s unfair to point it out.

What’s your definition of a girl who is “crazy?”

Dav: A girl that wakes up next to you and doesn’t say a word for hours [laughing].

Johnny: Like I said before, we’re all crazy! But to answer the question directly, a girl that can’t accept individuality, reality, and herself.

Have you ever done anything crazy in your relationships?

Dav: One time I dated this girl on and off for a few years and in that time she got married and divorced, we had a baby, we traveled to like 10 different countries, I wrote like 100 songs about her and we never managed to live in the same city. I’d say that’s pretty loco!

Johnny: Everything about a relationship is crazy [laughing].

Do you find that bad girls make the best muses?

Dav: Not necessarily for me. I’m inspired by healthy, mature, strong, balanced, independent females too.

Johnny: Bad and broken inspires me in general. Not just girls. Anyone/anything that adds to me creating experiences is a muse.

What’s next for you guys?

Dav: We’re gonna keep making music we feel right about and gonna be doing some shows. Happy to share our first EP at the end of October!

Johnny: What’s next is lots of music that will make itself part of your life’s soundtrack, that will remind you of moments and make you feel alive, and that you matter and that you are alright and that as fucked up as this world is, it’s a wonderful and magical place to be fully alive. Lots of touring, more videos…

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