[PREMIERE] Designer Kara Craig Delves Into Music With ‘CLOUD 18’

You may know Kara Craig for the one of a kind pieces she’s designed for Bebe Rexha, Wiz Khalifa, and a slew of NFL players; but you probably didn’t know that she also has an awesome voice.

Kara found time to record a dreamy track in between sewing intricately designed loungewear for your fave celebs, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere right here on Galore.

We also talked to kara about why the unisex clothing market is popping off, how NFL players became a huge market of hers, and that one time she had to sew push-up padding into a chick’s Coachella bikini.

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The fashion and music industry are both tough to crack. What qualities do you have that have allowed you to enter both? What tips do you have?

I’m extremely persistent. I’ve always believed in myself and my ridiculous goals. Being a good person and building genuine relationships will naturally bring you opportunities. Keep working on your craft no matter who tells you it sucks. Eventually you’ll find your niche. If it’s in your heart that you’re meant to be doing it, keep pursuing it!

You’ve designed custom pieces for Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose, Bebe Rexha, and more. What’s the funniest request you’ve ever gotten? 

I had to hand sew these push-up bra padded inserts into a bathing suit at 7 a.m. for someone’s Coachella outfit

Your custom pieces are also very popular with football players, why do you think that is? Were you surprised when they started becoming a big market of yours?

It was a pleasant surprise for sure. It all started with Omar Bolden who was a Denver Bronco at the time. He wanted pieces that nobody else had so I was constantly knocking out new designs for him. The clothes caught the eye of his teammates and other players, so Omar would send them my way. A lot of the guys come to me because they have trouble finding cool pieces that actually fit them.

kara craig: OMAR BOLDEN iv.

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Did you go to fashion school? Do you think that obtaining a degree in fashion design is necessary to become a designer?

Yeah I went to Fashion School in Australia. I also interned for different designers while studying. You definitely do not need a degree to become a fashion designer, but understanding pattern-making and construction techniques will help a lot when you’re designing.

What’s your favorite Snapchat filter? Why?

The upside down mouth or the chubby cheeks with food crumbs falling out the mouth. Whichever one makes me look the ugliest, those are the best ‘cuz they’re so funny. Trying to look cute with the airbrushed flower crown filter gets boring real fast.

What’s your favorite way to workout?

I wish I could say I go to boot camp, Pilates, and yoga but that would be a big fat lie. I do my little strength exercises in the house and I walk around my neighborhood for hours when I’m stressed out. It helps me think of solutions to problems and lots of new ideas.

What’s the dumbest pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

Probably something to do with “shrimp on the barbie”…we call them prawns in Australia!

‘CLOUD 18’ is your first single. Do you have plans for an EP or are you taking things slow?

Yeah I definitely have an EP on the way. I made CLOUD 18 a year ago with my producer Jeffrey Rashad. I’ve been sitting on these songs for 6-12 months…it feels so good to finally release something!

Do you foresee yourself designing some pieces exclusively for you to wear on stage when you start performing?

I will for suuuure be wearing my own pieces. I made all the outfits in the CLOUD 18 video (dropping next) and I’ll be doing the same for each video to come.

Some of your pieces are unisex, do you foresee the unisex market becoming bigger in the future? Why or why not?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t keep growing. It’s already made it’s way to kids clothing with these new gender-neutral children’s lines. I think it’s really cool. I love the idea of creating something that both men and women would feel amazing in.

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