The Bad Bitch’s Guide To Flower Crowns

Regardless of whether you hate or love flower crowns, this festival fashion staple is here to stay, which, if you know your history, shouldn’t come as any surprise. Bitches have been obsessed with flower crowns since the beginning of civilization. From a celebration of the gods in Ancient Greece, to the hottest wedding accessory in Victorian times, and right through the free lovin’ ‘60s, flower crowns have always found a way to weasel their way onto the heads of impressionable, young women.


Today, flower crowns are basically synonymous with being basic, but what if they didn’t have to be? Underneath all the flowers, flower crowns are just crowns, and what girl doesn’t want to wear one of those? Being a bad bitch means not giving a f*ck about the rules, and maybe this summer the biggest accessory revolution can be turning a symbol of basicness into a hallmark of badassery.  What if instead of flowers, we used troll dolls, ring pops, dinosaur figurines, pom poms, candles that spell out things, or anything else that Miley Cyrus has in her craft arsenal.


In honor of the second and final installment of Coachella 2015, we proudly present our newest DIY Tutorial:

A Bad Bitch’s Guide To Flower Crowns.


Here’s What You’ll Need:

Wire / Headband / Hat – the sky’s the limit on how elaborate you want your crown to be, choose whichever base feels in line with your creactivity level at the moment.

Hot Glue Gun / Wire – whatever you need to make sure your decorations are like you and your awful ex-boyfriend – not going anywhere.
Wire Cutter / Powerful Sciscors – because who are we kidding?

1. Choose your accesories. Remember the sky is the limit here. What kind of a queen do you want to be seen as?
2. If you’re using wire, figure out how much you need so your crown actually fits your head and cut accordingly. If you’re using a headband or a hat, congratulations, proceed to step three.
3. Attach your accessories.
4. Let that sh*t dry and get ready to stunt hard.

There’s no wrong way to make a flower crown, and nobody knows your style better than you. Every woman deserves a crown – what’s on yours?


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