[PREMIERE] Against The Current Wrote A Song About Being Ghosted

We’ve all been in relationships where the person didn’t feel exactly the way we thought they did. In most cases, it can feel like you’re chasing someone who isn’t even completely there. Pop-rock trio Against The Current expresses just this pain in their song, “Chasing Ghosts.” 

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“Thought I was chasing love / I was only chasing a ghost,” lead singer Chrissy Costanza belts as guitarist Dan Gow and drummer Will Ferri play softly behind her. In their new acoustic video for the song, it is evident that each of them feel the emotion within the ballad and truly connect with the music. The band writes from real life experiences and utilize the differences in each other to tell a story as well as they can.

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“Knowing that the song has to represent 3 people and two of them being boys kind of keeps everything in check. It’s like ok how can I say the same thing but be it that everyone can understand that message.” Chrissy had told us back when we’d interviewed the band in November.

With a hefty 1.6 million YouTube subscribers and their latest album, “In Our Bones”, entering the Billboard’s Top New Artists chart at #2 and hitting #2 on iTunes Top Alternative Albums chart, there is truly no stopping this Poughkeepsie-based band. Take a look at the premiere of the acoustic video for “Chasing Ghosts” below.

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