Chloe Grace Moretz Got a Tattoo Under Her Boob

Chloe Grace Moretz has a lot of tattoos, but her newest one really takes the cake.

The underboob cake, that is.

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On Wednesday, LA tattoo artist Dr. Woo posted a picture on his Instagram feed of a woman with a hand over her breast.

Believe it or not, but that woman was Chloe Grace Moretz and there was a message written underneath the breast she was so delicately cupping.

And you wanna know what the message said?

“It gets better than this.”


Really, Chloe?

It gets better than this tit tat?

Get outta town, girl.

And then, just as soon as Dr Woo will and bequeathed this photo to the world, he changed his mind and deleted it.

Party pooper.


[H/T Style Caster]

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