Charli XCX Has a New Song About Getting Head & It’s a Total Banger

It’s my personal belief that there aren’t enough songs out where women wax poetic about getting their lady parts licked, so my happiness levels went THROUGH THE ROOF when I found one hiding at the end of Charli XCX’s new mixtape, Number 1 Angel.

Bless up.

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Here’s what you need to know:

“Lipgloss” is three minutes and fifty five seconds of cuteness where women DGAF about screaming out, “yeah, you know I’m sugary sweet / baby boy, gon’ rot your teeth.”

Oh, and it also includes what may be the best piece of sex advice I’ve ever heard courtesy of a rapped named CupcakKe: “never trust a man who wears briefs / ‘cause he wanna f*ck and keep it brief.”

Honestly, what are you doing wasting your time reading words words words when you could just be listening to it?

Bon appetit, babes.

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