The Kardashians Pay $2k+ Per Party for Those Ridic Flattering Photobooth Pics

We’ve all seen those beautiful black and white photos that flood Instagram the day after every Kardashian-Jenner (or Hadid) party — and wondered just how their flawless look is achieved.

Well, wonder no more, because Racked tracked down the founders of MirMir, the company that provides the world’s most flattering photobooth at $2,750 per four-hour party.

MirMir employs its own secret combo of editing tricks to achieve the effect we’ve all come to know and love. In fact, a Reddit thread that tried to replicate it falls way short of the actual methods, the founders told Racked.

It seems we’ll never know the true secret of this particular filtering technique, but it involves a mix of blending some parts of the face while letting the eyes and hair stay as-is. This results in a smoothed-over look that still seems human because it leaves the eyes alone. And it somehow looks way better than your overly FaceTuned selfies, which is why celebs pay MirMir the big bucks.

I took a few pics in the MirMir booth at the Kendall + Kylie launch party last Fashion Week, and I can confirm that the editing software is super flattering — albeit in an otherworldly way. In the resulting photos, I looked great but a little too smooth, a little too dewy, like I was on The View and they’d given me the soft-focus Barbara Walters treatment.

You can see it in this pic: doesn’t Lily Aldridge look like an illustration of herself rather than a photo?

This is what you came for. @gigihadid @lilyaldridge

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

I wasn’t going to complain, though — the photo got soooo many likes.


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