Miley Cyrus wrote a woke song & it’s genuinely good

Miley Cyrus released a new song this morning, and it’s woke af — and actually good.

We had a feeling it might be corny at first. Mostly because the song is called “Inspired,” and the album artwork is Miley Cyrus sitting in the grass in a rainbow sweater next to a superimposed rainbow flag sticker.

As far as woke songs go, it’s a little on the nose.

But despite all my reservations, I’m here to tell you that “Inspired” is a genuinely good song.

Although, if the only Miley songs you like are her bangerz, you’ll probably hate this song even more than you hate “Malibu.”   

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Unlike Katy Perry’s “purposeful pop” song “Chained to the Rhythm,” Miley’s new song isn’t trying to be a hit.

It’s a gentle song that’s as effortlessly pretty as that one girl on Instagram you want to pretend you hate follow, but you’re secretly low key obsessed with.

And while some of the lyrics are corny, Miley pulls it off because she’s so corny that on her last album she wrote a whole song about her pet goldfish who died.

So when she sings:

“I’m writing gown my dreams, all I’d like to see / starting with the bees or else they’re gonna die / there won’t be no trees or air for us to breath / I’ll start feeling mad, but then I’ll feel inspired.”

You can shrug it off to yourself and say, “Well, she’s just being Miley.”

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Even though “Inspired” probably won’t slay the charts down or become your new favorite song, if it came on while you were in the car, driving off into the sunset, you’d probably have a moment.

And that’s something Miley can be proud of.

Listen to it below:

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