Taylor Swift Is Sabotaging Katy Perry’s Album Release Using Spotify

Everybody knows that Taylor Swift is a petty qwine, but few could have predicted she’d stoop to sabotaging Katy Perry’s new album.

At the exact SECOND Katy’s “Witness” debuted on streaming services, Taylor deigned to let her ENTIRE back catalog of songs re-debut on streaming services.


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Just after 7 p.m. ESTon Thursday, it was announced that Taylor Swift was ending her three year absence from the music streaming scene.

Although the official reason Taylor gave for this sudden change was because of her fans, anybody who hasn’t been living under a rock could see through the official press release from the RIAA which read:

“In celebration of 1989 selling over 10 million albums worldwide and the RIAA’s 100 Million Song Certification announcement, Taylor wants to thank her fans by making her entire back catalog available to all streaming services tonight at midnight.”

Now, you might be asking yourself, what’s the big deal?

Everybody’s already heard Taylor’s songs one million times and it’s not like her biggest fans have gone three years without hearing her music.

But just put yourself in Katy’s shoes for a second.

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Katy has spent MONTHS trying to get people to care about “Witness.” And so far all of her efforts had failed.

None of the three singles she dropped ahead of time even got close to cracking the top 5 on the charts, and even worse, people seemed to be losing interest in her as a person. She didn’t help Hillary win, kids don’t think she’s cool, and she doesn’t have a hunky boyfriend who exposes his dick in public to distract people from all of that anymore.

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But she really, really wants her album to be a hit, so in a last-ditch attempt to drum up excitement for it, you decided to talk about the one thing you have left that people care about.

Taylor Swift.

Taylor has never directly commented on the feud between Katy and herself. But there was nothing stopping Katy from doing it, right?

So after alluding to the feud in several print interviews, she picked one of the most popular TV segments, Carpool Karaoke, and spilled the tea there, ensuring that millions of people would have no choice but to listen to her.

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And when that didn’t immediately bump her songs up on the chart, she decided to keep talking about it to any media outlet that would listen. Because even if talking about Taylor didn’t make the world suddenly care about your music, at least it gave her the upper hand in the feud, right?

But then, at 7 p.m., five hours before Katy’s new album was released, Taylor had magically decided to re-release ALL OF HER MUSIC on ALL THE SAME streaming services Katy was about to be releasing her new music on.

That bitch.

Suddenly, the narrative around her album has changed.

People won’t just care about “Witness” and how many times those songs were streamed, they’ll care about how closely it was competing with Taylor’s entire body of work.

The fact that Taylor didn’t release anything new in this drop adds insult to injury. Katy Perry’s brand new album, which she’s been promoting for months, could be out-streamed by her rival’s old music. Ouch.

On the one hand, it’s a low blow, but on the other hand, it’s deliciously petty, and you have to give Taylor some recognition for really knowing how to stick it to Katy where it hurts.

And just think, Katy probably could have avoided this situation if she’d never opened up her mouth about a feud Taylor deliberately wanted to keep vague.

Let this be a lesson, Katy.

If you come at the petty qwine, you best not miss.

Because Taylor never does.

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