Miley and Ariana Blessed Us With Another “Don’t Dream It’s Over” Duet

Once upon a time in 2015, Miley Cyrus invited Ariana Grande over to her backyard to sit on an inflatable sofa, put on animal onesies and engage in some casual flirtation while also recording a song for charity.

With the cameras rolling, Miley and Ariana launched into a dreamy rendition of 80s classic “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” while intermittently saying things to each other like, “You’re the cutest unicorn in the world,” and “wooh.”

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Although the two pop stars never released a studio version of the song, thanks to their semi-awkward attempts at flirty banter the duet’s kind of legendary in both Miley and Ariana’s fandom, so this Sunday, Miley and Ariana decided to surprise their fans by performing “Don’t Dream It’s Over” at the One Manchester concert.

And while there was way less “Omg they did” flirting, Miley still couldn’t keep her hands to herself.

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As the crowd was still screaming in anticipation of the song stylings to come, Miley reached over to play with Ariana’s massive mane of hair. Grasping a chunk of it between her fingers, Miley casually swung it back and forth over Ariana’s shoulder.

While over the course of the song, they both had to occasionally do crowd work on opposite sides of the stage, Miley always made a point of coming back to Ariana.

At one point, she decided she was “gonna dance with Ariana.” Another time, Miley reached down to hold onto Ariana’s hand. And at the end, Miley gave her friend one big ole bear hug and kissed her little bitty hands.

Watch it all go down below.

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