TBT: Watch Miley Cyrus Hit on Ariana Grande In Her Backyard

Back when Miley was still single and had recently come out as open to fucking literally anybody who was consenting, legal, and human, she invited Ariana Grande over to her backyard to sit on a green inflatable couch in animal onesies and engage in some casual flirtation while ostensibly recording a song for charity.

In 2015, there was a short-lived concert series in Miley’s backward called “Happy Hippy Presents,” where Miley would invite a famous female singer over to do a duet with her and then post a video of it on YouTube with a link in the bio to where you could donate to the organization.

Most of the duets took place during the day with established older female icons, so when Miley invited current pop star Ariana Grande over for a little nighttime duet, it was already clear things were going to be different.

Singing an 80s classic you probably won’t recognize by name but probably would recognize if you heard it, “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” Miley couldn’t take her eyes off Ariana, as the tiny singer curled herself into a ball to belt out the chorus.

“Are you a mouse or a bear?” Miley asked her during an instrumental break.

“Umm,” Ariana replied, in a voice that implied she was just a sexy baby and didn’t know what either a mouse or a bear was.

“Whatever you are,” Miley continued, “it’s probably the cutest mouse-bear thing I’ve ever seen.”

Not sure what to say next, Ariana awkwardly looked back towards the band playing behind them and let out a, “wooh.”

“I’m a unicorn if you can’t tell,” Miley said after a few more moments of awkward silence.

And then, miraculously, without skipping a beat, Ariana caressed her microphone and told Miley, “You’re the cutest unicorn in the world.”

And then, after flashing a sly smile to the audience, Ariana lost her cool and started flailing her legs around because she realized she forgot her cue to start singing. Everything was ruined.

Like a rational adult, Miley assured her, “That’s fine. I was fucking you up, sorry. I was riffing. I was flirting, sorry.”

But was she?

Was she really sorry?

No, no she wasn’t — and neither was Ariana.

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