Why Is No One Calling Out These Rappers for Trying to Use Kylie?

Kylie Jenner and Tyga are reportedly dunzo. Like, so dunzo Tyga moved out of her house and Kylie celebrated by snapchatting herself being thotty without a care in the world.

And right on cue, in a story that might as well have been stolen from The Onion, two “rival” fuckboy rappers named 21 Savage and 22 Savage, who allegedly have no relation to each other, are coming out of the woodwork to allegedly “fight” for the right to claim her bald puss as their own.

But in reality all they’re trying to do is thirst trap their way to mainstream fame.

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Since you probably have never heard of either of these two randos, here’s what you need to know.

21 Savage is almost a thing.

He’s never put out an album, but he’s signed with Epic, has a song with Future, 874,000 follower on Twitter, and he’s famous enough to have his own Wikipedia page.

22 Savage is not a thing.

He got his start on the now defunct app Vine, so he probably chose his name as either a joke or a way to trick people into thinking he was connected with 21 Savage.

Somehow 22 Savage got big enough for 21 Savage to hear about, and 21 Savage rightly got pissed that some rando jacked his name to get people pay attention to him.

Theoretically this “beef” resolved back in February when 22 Savage decided to change his name to Young 22, but apparently nobody else has gotten the memo because TMZ, Elite Daily, and pretty much everybody else has just been referring to him by his old name.

Got it?

Okay, now here’s how Kylie got involved with these two clowns.

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Last year, 21 Savage randomly told the paparazzi he wanted to bone Kylie and it got a surprisingly substantial amount of press.

Now, in a still unreleased Young 22 track that TMZ somehow got a hold of called “Kylie’s Daddy,” the rapper makes what can only be described as a very understated reference to getting with Kylie.

“I love me some Kylie like a white girl love that molly / Tyga fall back ‘cuz I’m finna be her daddy / I’m a young Savage aka Kylie’s daddy.”

Subtle, right?

But notice the callback to his old name?

Even though Young 22 changed his name, he’s clearly trying to start a beef with 21 Savage, and he’s bringing Kylie into the mix because otherwise nobody would pay any attention to it.

And you know what?

It’s working because that’s how every site is covering it: as two rappers fighting over Kylie.

While I’m sure neither dude would mind having the chance to hook up with Kylie or take her out to dinner – she is really hot – what they really like about her is the fact that she’s famous and anything Kylie-related is instantly news.

And that’s what both rappers need.


And interestingly enough, most outlets aren’t calling them out for it and are letting them get away with the “they’re fighting over her” narrative.

But how can you fight over somebody neither person knows or has a history with?

You can’t and they’re not.

They’re just trying to use Kylie so people will learn who tf they are.

If the cards were reversed, and it was two rando female rappers “feuding” over like, Big Sean or something, nobody would have second thoughts about calling them out for their thirsty behavior, but somehow these guys are getting away with it.

At least for now.

Unless either one of them pulls a hit song out of their back pocket or starts dating somebody genuinely famous, the world will go back to not knowing who tf they are before they know it.

But at least they’ll always be able to remember the day when their antics made headlines around the country.

[H/T Elite Daily]

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