Kylie Jenner Celebrated Her Laser Hair Removal With a #Baldpuss Hat

Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat is a magical place.

Sometimes she’ll bake up some lasagna in her underwear, something she’ll hypnotize you with her makeup routine, and sometimes she’ll drop some not even remotely veiled hints that she just got all her pubic hair removed.

Bless her sweet little bald puss.

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On Sunday, Kylie uploaded a series of videos on her Snapchat account documenting her latest trip to Sev Laser Aesthetics, LA’s self-proclaimed “finest intimate A-List approved medical spa specializing in Laser Hair Removal,” which apparently needs to be capitalized for some unknown reason.

It’s also worth noting that unlike some of LA’s other laser hair removal companies, Sev Laser Aesthetics isn’t run by a bunch of heathens, but by god-fearing Christians who need you to know how religious they are.


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@simihaze 😍❤ #Eyebrows by @ibrowsbyeb ❤ at #Sevlaser #melroseplace #ByTheGraceofGod

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Curiously enough, Kylie decided to take Norman, one of her many dogs, along to experience this glorious moment in her life.

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But believe it or not, not only was that not against Sev Laser’s health code, but the darn dog wasn’t into watching the magic go down.

Aww 😩

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After all was said and done Kylie proudly proclaimed, “I have officially graduated from Sev Laser. Last day of laser,” while zooming in on a hat she just put on which read, “#BALDPUSS.”


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And then, Kylie got her lashes done, because why not compensate for all the hair she lost down there by threading some more above her eyeballs?

Long live Kylie’s bad puss.

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