Why Marilyn Monroe Never Wore Bright Colors

Marilyn Monroe is a legendary hottie, and while most people attribute that to her thick af curves and bleach-blonde locks, there’s one other contributing factor Marilyn kept in her back pocket that nobody knew about.

That she rarely wore bright colors – at least, not in her personal life.

“Now,” you might be wondering to yourself, “wtf does bright colors have to do with beauty?”

Well, according to Marilyn Monroe, a lot!

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In a new book called Marilyn In Manhattan: Her Year Of Joy, Elizabeth Wilder revealed Marilyn rarely wore anything but black, white and caramel because she didn’t want ANYTHING to distract her adoring public from her beautiful skin, curves, and face.

In fact, Marilyn was so hardcore about this distraction principle she didn’t even wear ANY jewelry.

“I don’t own even a little diamond the size of a pinhead,” she told “Modern Screen” back in the 1960s.

Then again, before her friends intervened she also used to shop at the Salvation Army and wore clothes that were so tight the seams had to be reinforced so they wouldn’t rip open in public, but hey, baby girl always looked hot!

The distraction principle may be borderline psychotic, but you can’t deny, it’s one easy way to make sure people focus on you, you, and nothing but you.

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[H/T Vogue]

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