Kylie says her and Kendall’s smiles are totally fake in this picture

Kendall and Kylie have taken one million trillion pictures in their lifetime, which is a fake number I pulled out of my back pocket which is probably scarily accurate to whatever the real number is. Whoever chooses to calculates that is a saint, but also a crazy person. If Daniel Day Lewis hadn’t given up on acting, maybe he would play that person in the movie version of that person’s life.

But I digress.

While by now Kendall and Kylie could probably teach a graduate seminar on how to smile when you’re not feeling it, when they were younger, they weren’t great at fake smiling.

And recently, Kylie called out a picture where this is very apparent.

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The year was 2000 and early and the setting was somewhere where little girls put on pink outfits and move their bodies to the rhythm in what almost looks like dancing.
Sensing that her precious babies would never again be so little or so pink, Kris made them put their arms around each other and smile for the camera, even though they apparently wanted nothing to do with it.

“U can tell my mom for sure made us take this pic,” Kylie wrote on Instagram. “those fake ass smiles lol.”

u can tell my mom for sure made us take this pic .. those fake ass smiles lol

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Ah, the things we learn as we grow up.

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