Kylie Hit the Town While Tyga Got in Trouble With the Cops

Nobody knows wtf is going on between Kylie Jenner and Tyga anymore, but whatever it is, it’s clear Tyga hasn’t suddenly decided to turn over a new leaf and stop getting caught doing embarrassing things.

Poor Tyga.

It just never ends for him, does it?

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Now I’m just as over Kylie’s relationship with Tyga as the next person, but seeing as she’s still liking almost all of his Instagram photos and has always gone back to him in the past, chances are we haven’t seen the last of Kyga.


Last night Kylie’s longtime friend Anastasia “Stassie” Karanikolaou had a party for her new clothing collab with Pretty Little Things, and Kylie showed up to lend her support while not wearing any pants.


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Meanwhile, in West Hollywood Tyga was getting taken into police custody.

Apparently Tyga was taking a spin in his brand new whip, only he kinda sorta forgot to put actual license plates on it and was driving around with paper plates instead.

TMZ is reporting the cops also thought Tyga might be drunk, so they took him into the station so they could perform a sobriety test without all the paparazzi being able to watch.

Supposedly the cops decided he wasn’t driving under the influence and let him off with a moving ticket violation, but if you were looking for a perfect example to symbolize why Kylie shouldn’t be with Tyga anymore, this is it.

He might not be the worst kid, but he gets into stupid trouble like this all the time.

Just think about it, Kylie.

For us.

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[H/T Daily Mail]

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