Kylie and Tyga Are Still Liking Each Other’s Instagrams

Even though Kylie and Tyga are supposedly on a break, like true star-crossed lovers, their behavior toward each other on social media suggests there’s something more complicated going on.

Kylie’s been snapping herself lip-synching to his songs in the car. Even more sinister, she’s been liking almost every Instagram post he’s shared for the past week, and Tyga’s been returning the favor – then deleting the evidence.

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It all started on March 24.

After a full week and a half of not liking any of Tyga’s numerous Insta posts, Kylie deigned to double tap a neon-colored photo advertising the fact that Tyga came out with a new song the world probably won’t remember in a year.


Then once the seal was broken, Kylie was hooked, liking 6 out of Tyga’s 9 posts, all of which are very repetitious and feature Tyga doing things like posing with an expensive car and modeling off a variety of Asian-inspired clothes.



And according to these receipts, Tyga went on a liking spree of his own over the past couple of days.

Kylie looked so bomb last night. 😍 — #Tyga #KylieJenner #Kyga #TyLikes

A post shared by K Y G A 👫 (@_kyliextyga) on

Do you guys think Kylie’s doing another photoshoot today? 👀 — #Tyga #KylieJenner #Kyga #TyLikes

A post shared by K Y G A 👫 (@_kyliextyga) on

Another shoot, another slayyy. Ky stays working on something. 😍 — #Tyga #KylieJenner #Kyga #TyLikes

A post shared by K Y G A 👫 (@_kyliextyga) on

Kylie’s hair is really cute. 😍 — #TyLikes

A post shared by K Y G A 👫 (@_kyliextyga) on

I’m intrigued. — #TyLikes

A post shared by K Y G A 👫 (@_kyliextyga) on

Kylie’s selfies are the best. 😍 — #TyLikes

A post shared by K Y G A 👫 (@_kyliextyga) on

But curiously, all those likes have vanished.

And I’d shrug it all off and say @_kyliextyga just made it up, but since my journalistic duties include keeping tabs on everything Kyga-related right now, I’ve had to start following Tyga, so I saw the proof he liked one of these photos myself.

Like you know how underneath an IG photo Insta will be like so and so that you follow also liked this picture?

One of those people that I follow happened to be @kinggoldchains.

And even if he just liked one, that doesn’t make the fact that he withdrew that like any less confusing.

Seriously, why go through all that effort?

If I had to guess, I’d say something happened between them yesterday and while Kylie has enough going on in her life to not give a fuck about deleting all the likes she threw Tyga’s way over the past couple of days, apparently Tyga’s just that petty.

Or somebody working for him is.

So let’s just sum this all up by saying Kylie and Tyga are in a weird place right now and the break is most definitely still on.

Think this’ll be enough to convince Kylie this grown ass man isn’t mature enough for her?

Fingers crossed.

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