Kylie’s Lip Syncing to Tyga Now and It’s Confusing AF

Longtime on-again-off-again couple Kylie Jenner and Michael “Tyga” Stevenson have allegedly gone on yet another break, which makes Kylie’s behavior on Snapchat yesterday genuinely confusing.

While driving around in her car, or more accurately, being driven around and likely bored out of her mind, Kylie shared a series of snaps which appear to both shade Tyga and prove Kylie and Tyga are probably back together already.

Even though it hurts my head and kills my soul to be examining Snapchat videos to determine what’s going on in their relationship, here’s what you need to know.

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In the first video, Kylie lip-syncs along to Tyga’s new song “Act Ghetto,” even though it doesn’t look like she’s confident she knows all the words.

While Tyga raps, “she wanna stunt like Rihanna / cut her hair / tat about it / keep a thug in her life / that’s why I always keep her by me,” Kylie seems to miss about half the words in beginning.

Is that shade because she looks like she couldn’t be bothered to learn all the words to a song her supposed ex had to have recorded and played for her one million times while they were still together?

Or is it a gesture of kindness and support because every song Kylie plays in her Snapchat gets instantly mad popular?


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In Kylie’s next snap she lip-syncs along to “100s” which is yet another Tyga song, although the part she choses to snap does not feature Tyga.

After hearing the words “heard the rumors bout you were so true,” Kylie sassily looks in the camera and mouths along to the words, “thirsty and you ain’t got no juice.”

While it’s entirely possible Kylie’s just trying to say, look at this great song Tyga made you guys, it’s also possible we’re supposed to interpret this as not so thinly veiled shade at Tyga.

After all, she was just listening to a Tyga song where she seemed to maybe only know some of the words and it’s not like Tyga’s career has ever really taken off, even though he’s been around for years now.

Does he honestly have any juice left at this point?

Is Kylie saying he’s thirsty for dating her?

Again, it’s unclear.

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But just when you’re ready to decide once and for all, yes this is shade, you’ll see Kylie posted a third video.

This time, the phone’s pointed away from her and at all the cars in front of her stopped at a red light and once again, Tyga’s new song “Act Ghetto” is playing.

Again, it’s unclear what’s going on.

If she really just came out and said he was thirsty, it could be considered an act of savagery to play Tyga’s song juxtaposed with a bunch of nice cars stopped at a red light, unable to move forward in life.

You have to read between the lines, but it’s there.

But are we supposed to be reading between the lines?

Honestly, the more I thought about it, the more it seemed to me like this was Kylie’s way of saying she and Tyga were back together.

If Kylie was really raw enough at Tyga that she wanted to publicly shame him, she probably wouldn’t be listening to all his new songs on a back to back rotation.

But again, who tf knows.

If you have any inside information about what’s going on in their relationship email me at

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