Kim Looks Just Like Kris Jenner In This Instagram Photo

There’s a time and a place in every young woman’s life when she looks deep within herself and realizes, holy shit, I’m turning into my mother.

Maybe you’ll start asking the bartender to be a dear and put two ice cubes in your glass of white wine for you, maybe you realize you can’t go to bed without double checking that all the lights in your apartment have been turned off, but if you’re Kim Kardashian, you’ll look in the mirror and see you’ve actually morphed into your mother’s twin.

On Wednesday night, Kim posted a photo on Instagram from some unidentified photo shoot looking like a young Kris Jenner who accidentally found her way into The Matrix movie franchise.

And unlike most of us, who try and deny any similarities to our mothers for as long as possible, Kim proudly captioned the photo, “Kris Jenner vibes.”

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Kris Jenner vibes

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TBH this public display of  “OMG isn’t it crazy how we all look the same” is a favorite pastime for the Kardashian fam.

Kendall’s demonstrated how she can look just like Kylie in the right pose, Kylie and Kim have proved they have the same face on Snapchat, and Kendall’s walked down many a runway looking like the second coming of her mother dearest, which explains why she’s Kris Jenner’s favorite kid.

Think about it, if your daughter was a supermodel and she actively looked like you, wouldn’t your heart just die a little inside?

But Kendall better watch out because this Instagram post may have been a calculated move on Kimmy’s part to suck up to her mother so she could dethrone Kendall and assume her rightful place as her mother’s favorite child.

After all, hell hath no fury like a reality star scorned.

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