Kendall Looks Exactly Like Kylie In Her Latest Instagram Picture

Kendall and Kylie may be sisters, but in Kendall’s latest Instagram picture they legit look like twins.

Like identical, high-fived on the way out of the womb twins.

there’s no crying in baseball

A photo posted by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

Seriously, even with me telling you Kendall was going to look just like Kylie, didn’t you actually think you were looking at Kylie just for a second?

It gave me deja vu thinking back to the time Kylie and Kim face swapped on Snapchat and you could barely even tell.

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You really gotta hand it to Kris Jenner.

She’s the one thing all the Kardashian siblings have in common and she did a helluva job hooking them up on the first class train to Good Genes R-Us.

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