Kendall and Gigi Are IRL Snapchat Filters in Their Latest Cover Shoot

Take a gander at W‘s latest spread, and you’ll wonder who the models are. Upon closer look, you may notice the perfect eyebrows of Kendall Jenner or the blonde locks of Gigi Hadid.

But…what’s going on with their faces?

Well, in a timely nod to Halloween, the creative directors decided to use prosthetics to change up Kendall and Gigi’s flawless features.

From W:

“With pointy ears protruding from her wind-lashed hair, Hadid was a lion-fox; Jenner, wearing a prosthetic nose that altered her famous attributes, was a bunny-cat. They were Snapchat animal filters come to life.”

Alright, we get the Snapchat reference. I mean, shit, for stars like Kendall and Gigi, Snapchat is the hand that feeds them and their fans.

But… the actual Snapchat filters are cute. What the makeup artists behind the shoot did to Kendall and Gigi’s faces? Kind of crazy-looking.

Maybe it’s innovative of them to change up some of the most recognizable faces in the industry right now, or maybe it’s tragic that they’ve made Gigi slightly less gorgeous. Make your own assumptions of the photos below, and check out the written feature on W’s site here.

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