Your Political Identity Based on What Snapchat Filter You Used During the Debate

You know what’s really original?

Using Snapchat and putting a pic of the debate on your story with one of the filters.

Lol, just kidding. Every basic I know has done it (and I will admit I did it too).

But what filter you use really says something about you as a person. From who you’re probs voting for in November, to what issues really matter to you.

We put together a list of what we think your filter of choice says about your political views and your debate watching habits. Enjoy.

1. Dog Filter

Votes democrat but only because your boyfriend does. You’re reaaaaaaally dull tho, and you’re voting for whoever supports planned parenthood.

2. Bee Filter

Considering voting independent, and you hate your life.

3. Deer Filter

Really excited for PSL season. You care more about Trump’s spray tan than the entire election.

4. Cabbage Flower Crown Filter

Cares about environmental issues. Threw your Birkenstock at the TV when Trump claimed global warming was a hoax. You probably drank an entire bottle of vegan wine before they even started mentioning ISIS.

5. Mouth and Eye Swap

Definitely a Trump supporter. So supportive of Trump that you’re trying to look like him.

6. Gold Crown

You are really a queen at heart, and Hillary is the only candidate for you. You also really only care about social issues and screamed “YASS QWEEN!” when Hil mentions the gays.

7. Face Swap of Your Own Face

Definitely a psycho attention whore, you laugh at your jokes more than anyone else does.

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