If You’re Homophobic, Study Says You’re Probs Gay

What a shocker! A study supports the theory that if you are homophobic, you’re slightly gay yourself.

Not like 100% gay. Just like, maybe 15% gay. Slight gayness.

Which makes sense, because if you remember at last month’s Republican National Convention, Craigslist was poppin’ off with ads for gay hookups even though Republicans are notoriously shaky on gay issues.

But why? Why are people who are slightly gay homophobic?

It turns out that it all goes back to your parents. Yep, you can thank Mom and Dad for this one because if you were raised with “autonomy-thwarting parents,” meaning they kind of restricted your individuality by pushing their ideas onto you, you’ve likely never explored the idea of your own same-sex attraction.

But that doesn’t mean you haven’t experienced it. It just means you might be more motivated to hide that attraction from others because of your negative view on it.

Another study that was done back in May suggests the same, but instead looked at the visual attraction, which is something most people cannot hide. The study looked at straight men who claimed to be homophobic, and watched as they were shown pictures of heterosexual and homosexual couples.

First they were screened for homo-negativity, which is how much the participant rejected homosexuality.

Then, how long each participant looked at an individual photo was measured, and it turns out that most of the men looked at the photos of homosexual couples longer. This means that those who scored high in homo-negativity were also showing signs of homosexual interest.

Conflicting, right? But again, not surprising.

[H/T Mic]

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