Justin Bieber Is Hanging Out With a Brand New Rando on Instagram

Watching your ex galavant around Europe with her new drug-addled boyfriend can be rough on anybody, especially when you’re not just anybody, you’re a young, erratic pop star named Justin Bieber.

So what’s a butt hurt young man to do?

Pull out a last ditch effort to make your ex jealous of you for a change.

Only unfortunately for pee pee boy, he didn’t quite manage to pull it off.

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Since Thursday’s campaign to find a bunch of random ladies and get each and every one of them to hug him failed to elicit any kind of reaction from Selena, on Sunday, Justin half-assed another attempt.

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Wearing what looks like the sexiest pair of flannel pajama pants you could ever expect your long-term boyfriend to wear to bed, Justin posted a picture on Instagram of him and a basic-looking Australian actress named Georgie Jennings.

Only curiously enough, they weren’t touching.

In fact, Justin made sure he was standing at least two levels above her so he was literally on a pedestal, which seems kinda rude and Blair Waldorf-y of him.

“Don’t know why people say no new friends new friends are great,” Justin captioned the photo.

Don’t know why people say no new friends new friends are great

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

While finding yourself in the same geographical location as a blonde Australian actress is a potential “let’s make my ex jealous” goldmine, I think we can all agree this photograph failed to hit the mark.

Maybe next time, Justin.

You’re getting closer.

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