It Sure Looks Like Justin Bieber Peed His Pants In LA

Peeing in your pants is something most grown humans between the ages of 10 and 50 don’t have to worry about, unless you’re Justin Bieber.

On Thursday, at 7:23 a.m. EST, TMZ posted a video showing Justin Bieber walking around LA in a pair of $400 sweatpants with the words “Eleven Inch Gun Club” down the side, with a suspicious looking wet strain on the crotch.

Being the clever people they are, TMZ then insinuated Justin Bieber was so pissed at The Weeknd that he literally pissed himself.

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Seriously, somebody give those hard-working bloggers a medal.

But also, on a serious note, was it pee?

Because it kind of looked like pee.

Hearing our concerns, a few hours later, Justin Bieber posted a split screen meme of the incident along with a screenshot from Billy Madison where Adam Sandler’s character pees his pants.

With absolutely zero shame, Justin captioned the photo, “You ain’t cool unless you pee your pants.”

You ain’t cool unless you pee your pants

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Okay. Sure. Whatever you say, Justin.

You peed your pants in public, so whatever you need to tell yourself to make that OK is fine by us.

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But then, just when we’d all started to make peace with the whole Justin peeing himself thing, at 1:10 AM today, Justin was like, “Omg you guys are all idiots, of course I didn’t pee my pants and then proceed to walk around town like I didn’t care. I’m a grown ass man, what’s wrong with you?”

Only he didn’t say any of those words.

Instead he said these words:

“Someone got me flowers and I was driving, made a turn, and the water spilled on my dick area…Didn’t bother me if it made ya laugh nice!”


You mean he just went along with the embarrassing story to make us LOL?

How sweet, Justin.

You’re like, a millennial Jesus, or something.

Hillsong must be so proud.

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[H/T Elite Daily]

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