Why Rob Kardashian’s Childhood Nickname Was ‘Pee Boy’

Rob Kardashian has always been the highly entertaining dark horse of the Kardashian family. He’s the family outcast, but when he does show up on TV against his will, it’s usually a good time.

So it’s not too surprising that his childhood nickname was neither “Sport” nor “Buddy,” but instead, “Pee Boy,” according to a new unauthorized book about the Kardashians.

This flies in stark contrast to the other Kardashians’ nicknames, which are mostly just baby talk stand-ins for their regular names. Kim is Keeks. Khloé is Kokes. And… that’s pretty much it.

So “Pee Boy” is really creative for them! How did Rob’s siblings arrive at this nickname, you might be wondering? It all started with Rob peeing on something. From Cosmopolitan:

Rob Jr. once accidentally peed on his Jenner stepsiblings during a game of hide-and-seek. “As he was peeing on the side of the house, his siblings caught him,” Halperin writes. “He was so startled that he turned around, spraying them in the process. From that day forward, they called him ‘pee boy.'”

PEE BOY~! Yeah, for all their marketing and business talents, the Kardashians are not exactly wordsmiths.

So there you have it. That’s the reason for Rob’s nickname. We only take issue with one small detail of this story: knowing Rob, that definitely wasn’t an accident.

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